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Entered USAF prior to completing high school. Received primary technical education at Keesler AFB. Graduated with distinction from Radar Maintenance School. Continuing education thru self study in work environment.
1949-1953 USAF
Technical specialist and supervisory assignments in maintenance of heavy ground radar, communications and meteorological equipment. Received senior rating in Radar Maintenance, Radar Maintenance Supervision and Meteorological Equipment Maintenance.
1953-1953 Self employed Any type of work to support my family. 1954-1955 Civil Service Commission Instructor basic electronics at Army Signal School, Ft. Monmouth, N.J. 1955-1958 UNIVAC Instructor – Customer Service Engineering
Education Manager – Commercial Systems Maintenance. Supervisory responsibility for curriculum development and instruction related to maintenance of commercial • systems. Logics Designer – UNIVAC II Logics Designer – UNIVAC LARC
Engineering Supervisor – Magnetic storage sub-system. Individual contributions to development and design of systems and logics family circuit design of the PHILCO 2000.
1959-1964 UNIVAC
Senior Logics Designer
Supervisor, UNIVAC III logics Design Group Senior contributor to overall architectural design of UNIVAC III. Personally developed the architecture and executed logics design of Magnetic Tape Sub-system.

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Project Manager UNIVAC 1004
Personally responsible for organization and management of engineering team that developed the UNIVAC 1004. This system constituted a significant breakthrough for UNIVAC in low cost stand alone systems. The development, from systems concept to pre-production models was accomplished in nine months.
Division Staff Engineer
Audit and review of all Engineering programs within UNIVAC Division
Co-founder – Director and Vice President of Engineering
Responsible for concept and engineering implementation of the Industry’s first viable Key-to-Tape System (within 24 months of the unveiling of the MDS System, 43 companies were producing systems employing the same basic concept).
1968-1975 Founder and Chief Executive Officer of COGAR CORP.
Initially founded to develop, manufacture and market intelligent terminals. The company produced the Industry’s first self contained desk top data processing system. This system was manufactured on a continuous basis from 1970 thru 1979. COGAR CORP. created in 1969 a Technology
Division to develop and marke very advanced high performance si-polar and N-MOS monolithic memory systems. The Technology
Division was discontinued in 1972 due to lack of adequate market but made very substantial contributions in advancing the art of VLSI in general and specifically related to monolithic memory devices and systems.
1969-1970 Co-founder and Chairman of the Board of DATA GENERAL CORPORATION.

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1969 Provided capital and Management Expertise to rescue HOMOGENEOUS METALS, INC. from bankruptcy. This company, later acquired by uNiILD ItCHNOLOGIES developed processes for producing very high purity tine mesh nowders of high temperature alloys which made possible the high performance F-100 engine used in the F16.
1969-1971 Director COMPUTEL LIMITED
President SINGER Business Machines, SINGER CORPORATION Vice President. Overall responsibility for restructuring and sale of the Business Machines Division. This was accomplished with the results of preserving the employment of more than 90% of the emoloyees and the recovery of the Divisions book value.
1981 Co-founder, DEERFIELD SYSTEMS, INC.
A company engaged in the design and development of turn-key systems for office automation.
1978 to Present
Specialized consulting in the Data Processing Industry related to Engineering/Manufacturing organization and management.
Developed processes for producing high resolution images utilizing exclusively refractory materials. Founded PERMANENT IMAGES, INC. for the commercial exploitation of these processes.
1961 to Present Member IEEE
1970 to 1974 Member of the Council for Upper Division College, Herkimer-Rome-Utica Area
1971 to Present Charter Trustee, Hamilton College
1969 Founded Cogar Foundation
The Foundation provides 4 year supplemental \• scholarships for High School graduates of high academic standing. To date the Foundation has distributed in excess of $500,000. in support of scholarships and research grants. • Patents- rwparx1/4, ao— r. o cavt-iner- 04. 16 5; Lxv1 At-,p, 4, ul E.b6c11 t4.10 C,610 ;e A.)e7trAiCiV-LS Ch.”`Z eL44114 .

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