MDS 1101 Brochure

From OCR

MDS 1101 Magnetic Tape Keyed DATA-RECORDER is compatible with all existing IBM installations and most others.

In a single 024-size unit, it combines the functions ordinarily performed by a Card Punch, Key Verifier and Card-to-Magnetic-Tape conversion runs

UNIT RECORD COUNTER . . . counts number of records on tape.

SELF-CHECK DIGIT DEVICE… arithmetically proves correctness of.number at time of entry.

allows additional record formats in one run.

The 1101 color-coded keyboard is designed for maxi~num keying speed and minimum operator fatigue. It makes changeover of trained operators…from earlier, less efficient keyboard equipment.., as easy and as fast as possible. Movable for operator convenience.

• No punched cards * Less main-frame tithe just to “get in” * Reduced lag time from source to report * Reduced interpreting requirements • Automatic right justification (left zero fill)
• Keyboard correction of “sensed” errors during entry and verification.., and of errors found in verification * The 1101 permits and encourages an even keying cadence for greater operator production * Skipping speed is over 150 times as fast as in existing models * Duplicating speed is 600 times faster • Almost silent operation reduces operator fatigue…actually, sound was deliberately built in to satisfy the operator * Right hand justification…at no extra cost…eliminates the need for field positioning arithmetic and decision.., requires fewer operator decisions * The llors large memory position display is better than tiny card column numbers * Tape requires less filing space than cards * Greater security~ of information.., no lost or misfiled unit records with \ 1101 magnetic tape * Work scheduling is flexible…no lost waiting for the right machine * Less down-time and tenance with completely solid-state electronic elements with electro-mechanical equipment.

Operator key-transcribes information into 1101 Magnetic core memory. If a keying error is “sensed,” the operator merely backspaces and makes cor.
rect entry.

2. Upon command, the unit record in memory is written on magnetic tape. Horizontal and longitudinal parity are calculated and written on the tape with the data.

3. The 1101 automatically backspaces one record, and reads the record just written. Information on tape is checked bit-for-bit against the memory, and parity is checked.

When verifying.., if an error is found.., the 1101 does this: 1. A unit record is read from an entry tape and copied in the magnetic core memory. As this is done, all characters programmed for automatic verification are verified.
2..Operator keys in all information to be verilied from the source document. Each keyed character is compared with the character in memory.
3. If an error is found, the verify operator determines the correct character, touches the Error Release Key, and keys the correct character into the memory.
The machine is conditioned to remember that an error has been found.
4. Because an error was found, the corrected record in mereory is written on the magnetic tape in place of the record containing the error.
5. The corrected record just written on tape is read, automatically, and compared with the memory record.., bitfor-bit and parity.

Long both on experience and imagination, Mohawk Data Sciences Corporation is ideally equipped to make advanced contributions to the booming data processing industry. ~ ~ ~ The MDS staff has been carefully selected to meet the high “experience/imagination mix” standards established by the founders. The result is a highly skilled combination of specialists completely dedicated to the success of the venture. ~ ~ ~ Creative thinking is our stock-in-trade at MDS. Our intent is to concentrate our efforts in the field of electronic data processing…
applying our creative abilities to advancing the “management of information through electronics”. ~ ~ ~ Although the 1101 Magnetic Tape Keyed DATARECORDER is only now reaching the market, several other new products of equal or greater importance are in various stages of design. Our long range planning includes development both of improved peripheral equipment, and new devices for which there is a known need but no available supply. ~ ~ ~ We’ll be.pleased to discuss your data processing problems w~th you…demonstrate how the MDS 1101 Magnetic Tape Keyed DATA-RECORDER can speed up your operator production, cut data processing costs.

VIDEO – Cogar Runway

This is the first of many posts relating to what was once my grandparents property in central New York. This video is of the runway that my granddad had built as well as an area that his children and grandchildren will remember was the location of “the cabin”. My favorite part of this video is the Cogar painted on the roof of the hanger.