Resources of the Cogar Corporation 1/18/71

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Remarks by R. J. Klein, Vice President, Informations Systems Division
New York, January 18, 1971
While Cogar is a young Company, it has grown rapidly with people carefully selected for the job they have to do — to create a dynamic new force in the data processing industry — information appliances which can bring a much wider circle of users all the power of the computer era.
People buy appliances from a company who will be in business when the need arises. We have people with extra-ordinary talents chosen to bring together advanced techniques in information processing technology and systems design, as well as volume production, distribution and strong field support. Our Division already has over 150 people — a highly motivated team of business people. Therein lies the difference — each of the leaders of this team was chosen not just for outstanding technical ability in his specialty. That’s required, but it’s not enough. He was chosen because he also possessed an understanding of Business-like approach to the trade-offs in product and market place. We are building a broad based Company which our customers can trust to understand your problems and provide creative, total solutions. Equally important, we are committed to establithing a Sound Business that will be around when the need arises.

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Commitment is the word. The Cogar System 4 is the result of an intense two year development program. Recent d v lop-ments in Technology — many of them pioneered by Cogar –have made it possible. The Cogar Technology Division has over 400 people and millions of dollars committed to the Production of the world’s most advanced Monolithic Technology. We have “constructed a modern million dollar facility for initial production of the Cogar System 4. We have established our own Marketing and Field Service forces in nine major centers i this country anj ere moving ahead with plans for many more offices here and abroad. We are committed to the establishment of a major enterprise which will merit your confidence new and in the futute — which supply products that will grow with our customers’ needs —- Solve today’s problems —then grow without replacement to future requirements. Today’s Sri ces Tomorrow’s performance.
Let me attempt to anticipate some questions which will arise as you hear more about the Cogar System 4:
1. How cen we make the System 4 so small? Monolithic Memory, Multi-layer P.C. cards and innovative packaging all help.
2. Nov can we deliver so much for the price? Commitment–That’s the answer here. Commitment to a Technology, Design, manufacture and tooling. We know the product is right and have made the investment to Produce on volume Now!

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– 3
4. How can such a small system be so powerful? Monolithic Memory — 3 to 5 times faster than the fastest competitor and unique processor architecture offering and unbeatable combination.
5. How can I be sure that as a key entry system, Cogar System 4 can really do all the functions we have come to expect from keypunches, key tape or key processor systems and more? Because we understand the problem. The apparent simplicity of the key-punch has caused many to underestimate the complexity of its functioning. Key members of our staff have developed successful products in this area before — We understatittemohlpr
6. Is the Cogar System 4 only a keypunch replacement?


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