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The 370*memory. For 360*users.
It’s the first totally monolithic add-on memory for your 2365 requirement. Giving 360 users all the speed and reliability of monolithic memory technology. Without requiring them to move to a new computer system. Or to make any changes in their present software. Cogar 70 is the perfect way to add capacity and improve system performance. Plug-to-plug compatible with System 360 processors using Type 2365 Model 2 memories, it offers new generation technology at substantially less cost than add-on systems employing cores. And it expands to a full megabyte of storage. With further cost savings on each capacity addition. If you’re considering an add-on memory, there are three things you should know about the Cogar 70. It’s more reliable. About half the size of a 2365. And it costs less.
*370 and 360 are IBM designations for its computer systems.
Cogar 70. The best memory system available at the end of a plug.

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Monolithic technology reduces size, cuts cost …
Because of the miniaturization made possible by LSI technology, a single Cogar 70 can provide all the capacity and performance of four 2365 add-on memories. And because of Cogar’s efficiency in monolithic memory production, it is priced substantially
One Cogar 70 can replace four 2365’s.
below a 2365 with comparable storage capacity. Each Cogar 70 is a complete, self-contained memory system. With all control and timing logic, power supplies and cooling systems, parity error checking and an off-line fault-isolating system built in.
The basic system provides 262K bytes of memory. But it can be expanded to a one-megabyte memory system with plug-in 262K-byte units that enable it to grow with your requirements. Cogar 70 meets or exceeds all performance specifications of the 2365 add-on system. Access time is 425ns. Cycle time is 750ns. Its interface includes the capability of receiving and transmitting all multiplex and simplex signal lines at their proper logic levels. And all power supply control lines. The system takes up less floor space than the 2365 and can be expanded without additional cabinets. Cabinet styling is complementary to most 360 installations.

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… and adds system reliability.
Basic System Memory The Cogar memory system is organized as two interleaved, independently addressable, even and odd storage modules. Each contains 131K bytes: Each has its own timing and control logic and is addressable by byte. In addition, there is a monolithic storage-protect memory of 128 words by 8 bits. This protects main memory in 128 segments of 2048 bytes in both store and fetch modes. Main memory in the Cogar 70 uses bistable MOS circuits for storage with bipolar support circuits. The storage-protect memory is entirely bipolar.
Fault-isolation control panel A built-in, off-line test system makes Cogar 70 the easiest memory system to maintain. Diagnostic routines quickly locate any component or connector failure that should occur. Field repairs are made simply by replacing the affected card with a new, plug-in memory card. This approach will, in most cases, have the Cogar 70 back in operation soon after the field service representative arrives.
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All Angels Road, Wappingers Falls, N.Y. 12590 (914) 297-4323 Sales offices: Boston, Philadelphia, Dallas, Los Angeles, Munich, JOS Co., Ltd., Tokyo
Speed Cycle time: 750ns (400 interleaved) System access time: 425ns maximum Power All DC power is generated internally, controllable from the memory unit or the CPU. Input power to the system is specified below: Voltage: 208/230 VAC Service: 3 phase, 4 wire Frequency: 60 HZ ± 1 HZ Current: 20 amperes maximum Physical Characteristics Dimensions: 48 inches long 30 inches wide 73 inches high Weight: 1100 pounds Environment Temperature: 60° to 90° F Relative humidity: 20 to 80% without condensation
Purchase, lease and maintenance agreements are available on request.
73 inches
H48 inch +—30 inches–I

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